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Chef's Statement

"Per the English proverb, "eyes are the windows to the soul"; in the same line, we can attest that Persian cuisine acts as a gateway to the caring, sensual soul and often the poetic heart of our people. We invite you to experience this gastronomic poetry in motion, revelled in rosewater, saffron, and our natural jewel, pomegranate. Lyricism, culture, and satisfaction of the senses in each spoon. What else?"



6 starters that’s bold on taste

In Tachin We Trust

You choose your favourite foods, served as a Tachin


Freshly Baked Bread

Enjoy our starters with freshly baked bread straight from the oven

Farm to Table

A Sneak Peak of the Robata Grill Menu

Sweet & Sour Chicken Kabab

Saffron Chicken Kabab

Koobideh Lamb Kabab

Combo Vaziri Kabab

Fillet Kabab

Mixed Grill for Four

Spicy Adana Lamb Kabab


Soho House members can find us in Shoreditch House,
180 Strand & River House in Windsor.

Try our Soho House exclusive menu for our modern
take on the cuisine.

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8 Lauderdale Parade, London, England W9 1LU

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